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Words Still Have Meaning

Can we all agree that words have meaning and that changing them to suit those in our populace who seek to avoid responsibility for their actions only helps blur the line between good and evil?

Good. Next question: why do we allow the words like “gay” to be co-opted into a euphemism for “homosexual” or even the original word for it “sodomite”?

After all, who could argue with  Noah Webster?

What we are really talking about in light of the recent SCOTUS opinion is “marriages between sodomites”– not “gay marriage” or “same-sex marriage”.

Even the whole national “conversation” has been focused on the gender of the sodomites instead of their elective predisposition to commit “crimes against nature” as Webster so eloquently put it.

It was these crimes that our Judeo-Christian society originally enacted laws against for good reason.

SOD’OMY, noun A crime against nature.

–Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828

Yes, there is a negative connotation to the word “sodomite” because they are committing crimes against “Nature and Nature’s God.” The connotation was intended by our forefathers.  It is the same with words like “illegal alien” (which is the term used for them in the United States Code 8 USC).  Somehow we have started calling them all sorts of nonsense like:

Noah Webster


  • illegal immigrant – an immigrant is someone who comes here legally with the intent to assimilate
  • undocumented immigrant – see above
  • undocumented worker – not all of them are working or want to work for that matter
  • guest worker – they are not our guests and see above
  • seasonal labor – in which season do they return home?
  • etc

We can love a sinner and still recognize and name his sin for what it is.

Do not bow to pressure because a spade doesn’t want to be called a spade!

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